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Lady Nora

Hello, After a long unavoidable absence I have made a new doll to begin 2014.  She is wearing a lovely gown of  18th century silk brocade tan and deep green. The stomacher and her petticoat are the same deep green silk satin.Her wonderful RED hair is not human hair as I usually do but because I wanted to make a doll with that red red hair I used mohair. I have also added a picture of her shoes made from the same silk satin with leather soles . the trim is the only modern thing added here but it was in scale and a perfect match to the simple but elegant dress. I have also added a picture f Lady Nora with one of my Chippendale side chairs it is made from curly maple wood and has a lovely  18th century piece of rose colored silk embroidered fabric for the seat cushion.  Please call for more information  regarding prices.


11.5 Inche Lady Allison

This is my latest doll she is wearing a beautiful open robe gown made from a splendid piece of 18th century striped silk, featuring the favorite gold color of the day and a lovely turquoise. Her petticoat is a turquoise quilted fabric . I have trimmed her gown with a very small  red trim which picks up the small red roses in the stomacher fabric yet another piece of silk which has the gold and a darker green color it really accents the gowns colors very well . she has shoes made from this fabric as well. This doll is made as the originals she has my signature hand fired enameled eyes. The original dolls also had enameled eyes . Her body is also made as the original dolls turned torso, carved hands, legs bending at the hips and knees.

for more information on this doll go to my contact tab and email me or you can call me.  THIS DOLL IS SOLD

Lady Maureen 12 inches tall

12.5 inch English wooden style doll. wearing a gown made form a dress fragment from 1720. A lovely cream colored  silk damask with embroidered flowers so small they are in perfect scale to the doll, a thin turquoise strip accents the fabric.  When I received the fabric form the textile dealer in England  it was still gathered at the waste I feel it must have been for a childs dress as it was so small and the embroidery small as well. I used a turquoise silk  to design the rest of the dress. She has a turquoise petticoat and stomacher I had some silk ribbon that was dyed two tone gold and turquoise and was perfect for the bows and trim. her bonnet is made from of an embroidered lawn with lace trim . Her wig is hand sewn  red human hair, the body is made as the original English wooden dolls, hand turned torso mortise and tenon joinery hips and knees. But the real surprise here is her eye as with all my dolls I made my hand fired enameled eyes but Maureen has baby blue eyes with a black pupil these are glass on copper enameled eyes not molded glass. have a look and as always you can call or e- mail me for more information.

Lady Tracy


Here is one of my newest dolls she is 10.5 inches tall. She has a very simple look wearing a day dress of 19th century cotton in a blue floral motif. Her apron is made from some very fine antique batiste fabric which mimics the floral pattern in her dress fabric ,  her bonnet is also made from the same fabric.  Her wig cap is  made from 18th century linen lining fabric and she has the characteristic nails holding it in place.  Her wig is made from human hair and is showing the sparse remains of hair  supposedly having survived 200 plus years.  She has a wonderful look and feel when you hold her . SOLD

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Lady Merriweather

Happy new year!  This is the third of my 2011 dolls. She is wearing a beautiful dress made from  antique dark royal blue and chartreuse woven silk.  Her petticoat is made from some lovely antique embroidered tulle from France in a very light shade of chartreuse. The tulle has the same flower motif as the silk fabric of the dress. Under her petticoat is a slip made from cotton in the chartreuse color. I made all the trim from the same fabric as the dress, the gold bow around her neck is made from antique gold metallic thread that I crocheted in a single chain . the trim around her cuffs is also made from this thread and  crocheted in a double chain. I think this doll has a great presence her body shape is wonderful from all sides.

I hope you enjoyed viewing her. For more information please feel free to call me or email me. Go to the contact tab on the home page .    SOLD !

Lady Chatsworth

Lady Chatsworth, 11 inches free standing in my doll room. she is wearing a dress made from antique French Toile fabric. This fabric is so lovely it has just the right bit of wear and age to make Lady Chatsworth look completely authentic her small toile shoes show ever so slightly from under her dress. She has a stomacher of antique lace . Simple elegance she stands 11 inches tall. She is one of my very best dolls to date as she has one of the most authentic looks to the original English wooden dolls . her expression has a slight look of disapproval with pouty lips.? SOLD

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Lady Hilliary

This is Lady Hilliary she is only 10 inches tall but what an ensemble. 18th century silk gown trimmed n antique gold metallic trim she has a powdered wig and green enameled earrings and necklace.. She is dress to go out wearing a beautiful jacket in a wonderful silk that is of the same colors  as her gown but in a smaller striped, the jacket can be removed with some effort and so is not recommended , but it is the first time I have made a doll where the clothes were not completely sewn on. She does have a gold silk top completely trimmed under the  jacket.  Lady Hilliary is made as all my doll with enameled eyes and hand carve hands,and legs that bend at the hip and knees.