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Another new doll she is dressed in a very nice antique cotton paisley print, this fabric was so great to work with it did just what I wanted it to do, and I love the print. A faded red color with tan flowers in the background. She wears little red silk shoes. and has a shepherdess hat of the same material as the dress.  She is made as the original English wooden dolls were she has my hand fired enameled eyes, a turned torso and bends at the hips and knees.  Her hand sewn human hair wig is loosely done and even has some small ringlets  off the back. I am very pleased with her and even though I strive to take the best images I can she is still so much better in person. Another one of my favorites . For more information you can Click the contact tab on the home to email me or you can  call me. SOLD

for more information please go to the contact tab on the home page you can email me or call.

Lady Jeannette

Meet Lady Jeannette she is 14 inches tall and so beautiful. She wears a lovely gown made from18th century off white and pale gold stripes. this fragile but awesome fabric has some signs of ware but this adds all the more to her aged appearance and the century she represents. She is made as the authentic English wooden dolls are with  turned torso, hand carved legs and arms. Her legs  bend at the hips and knees and she has my hand fired enameled eyes. her body turned out so well she is able to stand on her own but she does come with a custom made stand to support her. I have lined her dress in a very pretty coral colored silk, her stomacher is made of this same silk. Her dress is trimmed in antique coral silk ribbon. She has a lace turban made of the finest antique lace.  I made her necklace  from  100 year old antique micro beads she has a wonderful shape and presence a very gentle and pleasant face.