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Lady Abigale

This is Lady Abigale she is 8 inches tall and dressed in turquoise green and blue pieced striped dress of duponi silk. Her dress is trimmed in perfect turquoise  green and blue antique rosette trim, What a find! and she has shoes to match.  She is ready for the mascarade ball holding a mask  in her hand. she has a woven silk stomacher of the same fabric as her dress . She is made as all my English wooden dolls with turned torso and jointed  legs that bend at the hips and knees. her hands are hand carved fork type as the original dolls of  the 18th century. she is very special because not only does she have my signature enameled eyes but hers are amber with black pupils they are very subtle but striking. she has a wonderful face aged just enough to give her the appropriate look.