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Taken from a 18th century print signed and dated by the artist the date is legible and reads as 1743. These two little ladies are adorable and I simple love the faces on both of them. They are not in old fabric but it is  appropriate .  The small doll I made for my daughter,  it is not available.  I will tell you about the 9.25 in tall doll I call Erin .  As you can see from the  Engraved print  I tried to dress her as the girl who is standing. with a ruffled and bowed trim around her neck , to the silk bows on her stomacher. she has silk shoes and her apron is made from a remnant of antique embroidered lawn her bonnet is also made from this fabric. I just love the face of this doll so sweet and still having the  look of a young girl .  For more information please call or email me you can go to the contact tab on the home page for this contact information.  SOLD!