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Convex mirror

What a great piece! I am very happy to offer  this mirror, a replica from my own antique miniature mirror. I am very pleased with how it turned out and thrilled that I was able to get convex mirrors to complete the look . You can see the original antique mirror in my doll room. It is in the hallway above the demi lune  table.  While the original mirror is a turned wood frame. This piece is made of a very hard plaster material with the decorative elements cast in a plastic . Non the less a lovely item.

Price  $1295.00

Demiloon table

This is a wonderful demilune table it is made more as doll furniture with simple construction. hand painted decoration to mimic inlay . Tapered legs give it a great period look. It has a shellac finish which has been fine sanded and buffed between coats for a smooth finish satin finish.

Price 1295.00