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17th and 18th Century Baby House Project




The dolls presented here are part of the enormous project I spent the last 6 months on . I am honored to have them represented in a permanent collection which includes the very finest examples of English wooden and William and Mary period dolls furniture and other miniature artifacts and objects know to exist. These small dolls ranging in size from 2 inches to 8 inches tall have been a joy to create. I worked closely with my client who has three of the most original and historically important example of 17 th and 18th century “Baby Houses” or know to us today as doll houses. These dolls exhibited along with the collection mentioned above at the Concord Museum in Concord Massachusetts the Exhibit called “the Art and Mystery of the Doll house” exhibited from October 14th to January 16th 2016 . In addition I wrote an article for the December 2016 issue of Antique Doll Magazine about the exhibit and my work as the artist. In addition to the items pictures here I made several pets and other objects for this exhibit. I will endeavor to add them all. If you have any question? yo can go to the contact tab on the home page of this website and send me an email . Thank you for your visit.

The Artist Hand Blog

Hello Everyone,

I have announcement! It’s my new Blog I am showcasing my English Wooden Dolls on my new blog The Artist Hand. You can get there fast by clicking the link I created on my home page side bar where I list interesting sight links. have a visit and leave comments. Thank you  the address is

September Country Folk Art Festival 2009

Hello Everyone,

 well the Country Folk Art Festival in Kane County this year was wonderful as always. This was the first year I participated as an Exhibitor. I was overwhelmed by the response I received from the visitors as well as the other exhibitors. Thanks to all see you next year!

News and Events

Hello, I am Pleased to announce my participation in the following show this year.

The Country Folkart Festival, Located in St Charles Illinois at the Kane County Fairgrounds
on Randall Rd. The show dates are September 17th thru 19th 2010 for more information go to

I am very happy to announce that the Museum of Fine Art Houston has commissioned me to reproduce in miniature reproductions of their Furniture collection to be sold in the Shop at Bayou Bend.  The reproductions will be sold exclusively at the shop at Bayou Bend I will provide a link to their site where you can get futher information on purchasing one of these reproductions.