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Lady Dahlia

Hello, this small but strong in presence little lady is dress in a fine piece of 18th century floral silk embroidered fabric, with a deep blue indigo embroidered under skirt. When making her it was hard to decide which fabric to make the dominant one they are both exquisite.she is wearing a coral necklace made from over 100 year old glass Czech micro mini beads. the coral pulls the coral colored flowers that are also in the dress fabric. She like all of my English wooden dolls is made as the originals, tongue and grove joinery bending at the hips and knees enameled eyes . Human hair wig . she is all of 10.5 inches tall.

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Lady D

This doll was inspired by the Poldark series on PBS.? I love this gown style. a lovely red with gold floral accent 18th century silk, shoes to match. I hand crocheted the trim using antique gold thread. I also used antique micro beads for buttons down her bodice also lined with the crochet trim. the under skirt has rosette rushing as well as a border of rushed trim, also a smaller but same type of rushing down the sides of the gown.? my dolls are authentically made as the originals enameled eyes not glass . mortise and tenon joinery legs bending at the hips and knees, like the originals. I carve the face features and the hands and the dolls are painted with a gesso as the originals. this particular doll has a mohair wig, the perfect shade of red. I love this doll? a 2 dimensional image cannot do her justice. As with all of my dolls she has an internal identification stating she is one of my exclusive one of a kind creations signed and dated . Please go to the contact tab to e-mail me or call me for more information. please note the comment tab does not send me an e-mail and may not get you a response.

beautiful lady in Blue English wooden doll

Lady Marion, 12 inches stunning museum quality English wooden doll. In blue and coral this doll is spectacular . the fabric and trim are the finest quality and she wears a micro bead necklace of very rare over 100 year old tiny,tiny coral beads.

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(all my dolls are copyright protected and have internal ID)

Museum Quality English wooden Doll


This is my latest English wooden doll she is 14 inches tall and wearing a gown of some of the finest 18th century fabric. she is constructed as the original English wooden dolls and has a s always my signature enameled eyes.

this doll is sold as she was a special order. the cavalier dog is one of my paper mache? recreations .


17th and 18th Century Baby House Project




The dolls presented here are part of the enormous project I spent the last 6 months on . I am honored to have them represented in a permanent collection which includes the very finest examples of English wooden and William and Mary period dolls furniture and other miniature artifacts and objects know to exist. These small dolls ranging in size from 2 inches to 8 inches tall have been a joy to create. I worked closely with my client who has three of the most original and historically important example of 17 th and 18th century “Baby Houses” or know to us today as doll houses. These dolls exhibited along with the collection mentioned above at the Concord Museum in Concord Massachusetts the Exhibit called “the Art and Mystery of the Doll house” exhibited from October 14th to January 16th 2016 . In addition I wrote an article for the December 2016 issue of Antique Doll Magazine about the exhibit and my work as the artist. In addition to the items pictures here I made several pets and other objects for this exhibit. I will endeavor to add them all. If you have any question? yo can go to the contact tab on the home page of this website and send me an email . Thank you for your visit.

Lady Laura

How Lovely, Lady Laura in a wonderful? gown made from 18th century silk. The fabric is a rich coral with a green , gold and white floral motif, it is in remarkable condition for its age. Trimmed in green silk ribbon and fine lace , Lady Laura is ready for her afternoon tea, with her loyal companion by her side for company. Lady Laura is approximately 14 inches tall. She is, authentically constructed just as the original English wooden dolls, and featuring my exclusive enameled eyes. For more information you can go to the contact tab on the home page and send me an email, or even better call me .

custom Mahogany desk

This is a wonderful custom desk I made for a  clients 22 inch French fashion doll. it is 12 inches wide by 10 inches tall . Featuring cabriolet legs , leather and gold painted desk blotter and beautiful ebony birch and mahogany inlay’s,  7 drawers and custom fabricated drawer pulls ,this desks has the finest workmanship Mahogany veneered with hand made trim and a fine shellac finish .For more information and if your doll is in need of furniture go to my contact tab on the home page and send me an Email.

Lady Deirdre

This is my latest English Wooden, Lady Deirdre she is approximately 12.5 inches tall. Made as the original 18th century dolls, with a turned torso of hard wood , mortise and tenon joined upper legs and knees so she can sit . I hand carve the face and ears and insert my exclusive hand fired enameled eyes which is as the original dolls were made the body legs and hand carved lower arms are then covered in Gesso and painted. her gown is made for authentic 18th century Fabric of the finest quality.   I hand sew her human hair wig .Every attention to detail has been made from the wood working to the gown to make this doll true to the originals look and craftsmanship .The 18th century fabric is of the finest quality a vibrant blue with a yellow gold floral pattern her shoes and hat are also made fro this fabulous fabric. her petticoat and stomacher are made from a beautiful gold yellow silk brocade that is a perfect match in color to the yellow in the gown.  in addition  Lady Deirdre is wearing an enameled necklace with a swarovsky crystal ,another exclusive to my dolls Everything is in perfect scale and she is a lovely example to the original historic dolls she is a representation of. For more information , and question please contact me by going to the contact tab on the home page. SOLD!

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Lady Deirdre

Lady Deirdre

front w hat


Garden Gnome 11.5 inches

This sweet garden Gnome is a first a special order. She was so much fun and her wonderful features are endearing . I am pleased to say the person who ordered her has told me she is completely taken with this chubby gnome and I have to say I am as well.


18th century Lady Samantha 14.5

Hello here is my newest doll she has one of the prettiest faces I think I have ever made. I dressed her in a lovely cotton country dress just perfect for walking in the garden. She is like all of my dolls made like the authentic English wooden dolls. my exclusive enameled eyes hand sewn human hair wig turned torso hand carved lower arms and hands, hand carved legs that are mortise and tenon joined at the hips and knees. she has hand sewn shoes that match her blue silk petticoat leather soles. Hand cut trim made from her stomacher fabric with antique rose trim, keeping with the floral garden motif. her straw shepherdess hat also is adorned with flowers as these hat were in the 18th century. She has a wonderful presence and is as all my dolls are so much better in person. for any question please call me or go to the contact tab on the home page and e-mail? me. SOLD!