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Lady Maureen 12 inches tall

12.5 inch English wooden style doll. wearing a gown made form a dress fragment from 1720. A lovely cream colored  silk damask with embroidered flowers so small they are in perfect scale to the doll, a thin turquoise strip accents the fabric.  When I received the fabric form the textile dealer in England  it was still gathered at the waste I feel it must have been for a childs dress as it was so small and the embroidery small as well. I used a turquoise silk  to design the rest of the dress. She has a turquoise petticoat and stomacher I had some silk ribbon that was dyed two tone gold and turquoise and was perfect for the bows and trim. her bonnet is made from of an embroidered lawn with lace trim . Her wig is hand sewn  red human hair, the body is made as the original English wooden dolls, hand turned torso mortise and tenon joinery hips and knees. But the real surprise here is her eye as with all my dolls I made my hand fired enameled eyes but Maureen has baby blue eyes with a black pupil these are glass on copper enameled eyes not molded glass. have a look and as always you can call or e- mail me for more information.

baby with cradle

To cute , a small primitive English wooden style baby doll, in a cradle  antique lawn and batiste fabric hand painted face very sweet.

$ 350.00

French Court Doll


This doll is my latest French Court style doll she is 14.5 inches tall and is dress in 1770 embroidered silk gown? I am very pleased with her the gown is made from a 18th century vest, I only had the front at 220 years old a little melting is to be expected. However the embroidery was so exquisite and so fantastically done that I lined and stabilized the fabric as best? I could , and was able to rework the embroidery portions into the gown. the small flowers that are embroidered into the main ground of the silk are in perfect scale to the doll as is all the elaborate work in the front panels. Even though the dress is delicate? I love the look I have achieved using this fabric.Under the gown is a antique silk with lace work and pleating very delicate? and wonderful blending of the colors . She has a lovely piece of french silk trim for her head piece. Her body is made as the original dolls, her legs with carved shoes are painted she has pink stockings and green shoes.  for more information please call me or email me, I will be happy to hear from you.

18th century style English wooden Clementine

Hello this 12.75 inch English wooden is wearing a beautiful 18th century tole print with a peacock and floral motif which is book matched at the front a peacock on either side.  I love it is so whimsical and in a very good scale for the size of this doll. She has red leather hand stitched shoes, and a period style bonnet.She has an underskirt of antique cotton lawn with a machined floral pattern and hand pinked trim in the same fabric  as the dress decorates her dress and cuffs.  She is made as the original English wooden dolls turned torso hand carved fork type hands and bending at the hips and knees. she has my hand fired enameled eyes that are also a feature the original dolls had. but these eyes are in the rare blue color.  For more information please go to the contact tab on the home page and cal or email me   SOLD


18th century French Court Lady

This is my newest French court doll she is dressed in 18th century silk that is very fine but fragile for its age. I lined it with gold silk to stabilize it, the fabric has the age and wear that really make the doll look that much more authentic . She has a green underskirt of green silk satin and a hooped pannier. she is made like the original court dolls which are more like puppets. carved and painted face. her hair is in a large over the top up-do and very typical of the courtiers .She wears a matching of the same fabrics . I have been making court dolls for the past month or so this one is my second she was enormous fun to make and I hope to make more. please go to the contact tab on the home page. for more information. Thank you everyone for all your comments and interest SOLD



Taken from a 18th century print signed and dated by the artist the date is legible and reads as 1743. These two little ladies are adorable and I simple love the faces on both of them. They are not in old fabric but it is  appropriate .  The small doll I made for my daughter,  it is not available.  I will tell you about the 9.25 in tall doll I call Erin .  As you can see from the  Engraved print  I tried to dress her as the girl who is standing. with a ruffled and bowed trim around her neck , to the silk bows on her stomacher. she has silk shoes and her apron is made from a remnant of antique embroidered lawn her bonnet is also made from this fabric. I just love the face of this doll so sweet and still having the  look of a young girl .  For more information please call or email me you can go to the contact tab on the home page for this contact information.  SOLD!

Lady Glen

This is Lady Glen she is spectacular. 12 inches tall she wears the most fabulous dress which I made from  a fragment of 18th century silk embroidered brocade this fabric is in the highly sought after gold color and is embroidered with delicate floral pattern of blue pink and red flowers and floral motifs in silver thread tarnished with age . I was able to get a full sleeve of this fabric and I can only imagine the beautiful dress from which it came. the Fabric was worn espically at the elbows and so I reinforced it for stability with a red lawn fabric.  the red seemed  a perfect choice and just made the gold color pop. I used red silk for the her petticoat and also for the rushing trim edging the dress. It seemed everything fell into place for this gown I had for a long time some wonderful embroidered trim with a gold metal chain edging on a fine lawn fabric in a paisley design. I am told it  was found in a castle in Scotland, it had all the same colors of the dress fabric,  so I used it for the sleeve ruffles and her stomacher. I made her wig of human hair and in a full up-do style although not over the top as  the hair was worn in the later part of the century. she has a perfect shape and scale her eyes are my hand fired enameled eyes she has a turned wooden torso and bends at the hips and knees as the original English woodens  did.  She is a very accurate representation of the original dolls. Please call or email me with any questions you have you can go to the contact tab on the home page of my website to do this.


Lady Madeline

Lady Madeline stunning 14 inches tall , She wears a open robe gown of antique embroidered silk Brocade, which falls and drapes beautifully. Her dress is a tan silk embroidered in a complimentary green which is found in the open robe fabric.  I lined the dress with a green silk of the same color. I crochet the gold thread trim form antique gold metallic thread . her bonnet and sleeve ruffles are made from antique fabric and trim as well. the cuffs of her sleeves has a hand crocheted single chain embellishment.  She has enameled eyes and her body is made as the original dolls were.  I love this doll she has a lovely face and a strong presence. the photos do not do her justice. If you have questions and for price information please go the contact tab on the home page and you can email me or call.  SOLD


This is Elly. She is 10 inches tall and has one of the sweetest faces. I kept her very simple a cotton floral dress in soft tan and small roses. with a matching ribbon trim. red silk shoes. She is really so lovely in person and has a perfect a very fine crackle finish it just needs to be seen up close. I also think she has the perfect weight when held.

for  more information please go to the contact tab on my home page and email me or call me.SOLD

New Primitives

These lady’s are ready for the ball and dressed in their finest attire. Order as many as you like  at four inches tall they don’t take up much room at all.  These dolls may already be sold but I will email you pictures of of the latest dolls available.

for more information please go to the contact tab on the home page and email or call me.