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Rosie close

Hello, this is Rosie, she is a17 inch Bed post doll. Rosie has a stuffed body that bends at the hips and knees. She  has a hand carved , and painted wooden head, and carved wooden lower arms. Her dress is made from antique lawn and  is embellished with antique lace. she has a wonderful look and feel . To inquire about Rosie go to the Contact star on the Home page aand click to reach the email page or you can call me.


lady Gwendolyn



Lady Gwendolyn is 22 inches tall and wears a beautiful sack back dress, of the most lush fabric a gold  ground with wonderful embroidered floral design. The dress is lined with green silk . I trimmed the gown with hand pinked ruffles down the front, it is backed with red silk. Her cuffs are also hand pinked trimmed with a fine red silk thread and over a fine antique embroidered lace edged  with a gold pleated ribbon. Her stomacher is red silk with a shirred rosette in the center the stomacher is trimmed with a braided combination of green silk threads. Her under skirt is a lovely quilted matelasse  in a deep red to make the wonderful dress fabric really stand out. her shoes have heels and are hand sewn tan leather with red silk ribbon trim, because the doll was larger I was able to make real shoes. hand sewn human hair wig and lace bonnet. As are all my dolls made completely by me I turn the torsos and carve the hands and legs. I enamel the eyes, carve the face and paint them I do all the dress design and sewing as well so  if you have any questions please call or email me .


11.5 Inche Lady Allison

This is my latest doll she is wearing a beautiful open robe gown made from a splendid piece of 18th century striped silk, featuring the favorite gold color of the day and a lovely turquoise. Her petticoat is a turquoise quilted fabric . I have trimmed her gown with a very small  red trim which picks up the small red roses in the stomacher fabric yet another piece of silk which has the gold and a darker green color it really accents the gowns colors very well . she has shoes made from this fabric as well. This doll is made as the originals she has my signature hand fired enameled eyes. The original dolls also had enameled eyes . Her body is also made as the original dolls turned torso, carved hands, legs bending at the hips and knees.

for more information on this doll go to my contact tab and email me or you can call me.  THIS DOLL IS SOLD

Mr And Mrs. J Adams with baby

This charming little family is really fun Regency period dress primitives with our Lady Abigale wearing a dotted Swiss organdy dress with a a cream organdy slip so typical of the period where women loved the sheerness of fabric, mimicking the ancient Romans as the Roman ruins were being newly discovered during this period. Our Gentleman John Adams is wearing the short wasted jacket popular in the early 19th century. they are displayed here in one of my rooms a humble home . They have a new addition to the family as well baby adams cradle and all. For more information on this lovely group you can go to the contact tab and email me or call me I would be happy to tell you more about them.

Lady Regina 13.5 inches tall

frnt1Hello, This doll is very special with Polonaise style gown in a tan and blue striped silk. this was a very difficult dress it has the English back making the back and skirt one piece. The back is then pleated and the skirt gathered into fine pleats at the waste. .the petticoat is a matching solid blue silk. with a gathered ruffle at the hem. She has matching silk shoes with white stockings. And a kirchife around the shoulders coming to a bow at the front. lovely grosgrain trim around the neckline and cuffs. She wears a wonderful Shepherdess hat, leather mitts on her hands and of course as with all my English woodens my signature enameled eyes. This doll has a real authentic look the dress is short enough so the shoes show as they would on a correctly made dress of this style. She was a challenge to make taking the longest of any of my dolls to complete. I hope you enjoy her. Please feel free to email me or call with questions.  SOLD!




I like this name as I have named a few of my dolls Isabella this one is wearing a dress made form antique toile de jouy fabric and has red wooden shoes. she wear a turban and apron from some very old fabric . I love the look of her she is adorable. This Isabella doll is 11.5 inches tall.

for more info pleas call or email me


Esmerelda Fiddlesticks


How fun is she a wonderful witchy witch just in time for Halloween. 14 inches tall Esmerelda Fiddlesticks is all decked out for her main holiday she wears a red silk dress albeit tattered and even a little scorched (she must have stood to close to the caldron). her open robe is black with a tattery shear gauzey  accent. she has adorable boots of leather with a bead button a carved ebony wand and a silver and red enameled ring she has a very witchy broom to fly away on, and is wearing her very best hat. Make her the center piece for your witchy Halloween

$ 1800.00

Amber 13.75 inches tall

Amber gets her name from her unique amber colored eyes these eyes are transparent and opaque enameled eyes.  She is wearing a lovely dress made from 18th century block printed fabric, accented with red silk ribbon. So many time when I research 18th century prints for images for my black dolls I see them with beaded necklaces  or earrings, so I made her a necklace using my super rare 100+ year old micro beads 100 beads to the inch. I also braided her hair in cornrow hair style. I really like this doll as with all my black dolls so much better in person the dark skin tone does not show all there beauty in photos. she has red leather shoes and a cotton lawn bonnet her apron is also of this same fabric.

for more information call or email me.

French Court Gentelman

This French Court gentleman is dressed in a suit coat with gold trim and hand made buttons very small buttons. His vest is made of very rare 17th century silk embroidered fabric a small piece of this fabric was given to me as a gift and I saved it for this special? fellow. The vest? also has even smaller very small buttons.  His trousers are a turquoise silk? the knee closer also have the small buttons. I made him a plique a jour pin to decorate his stock ( this technique is where a transparent enamel is fused with pure silver creating a small window or enclosed piece of class) the silver is twisted and falls to a tassel. It amuses me that the description of his clothes takes less to to write about than the lady French Court doll but twice as long to construct. I think he has a wonderful authentic look? and like the lady and the originals he is anatomically correct.

for more information please go to the contact tab on the home page and call or email me.

5.5 inch English wooden in court qown

This little Lady is awesome she has moveable arms !! All carved wood she wears a court style gown painted in yellow ocher and metallic gold decorations with small gold flowers with red accents. Her sheer bonnet has small floral accents also, as dose the kerchief around her shoulders. very detailed face with lashes. A lovely small doll.

For more details please  go to the contact tab on the home page and call or email me .