18th century Lady Samantha 14.5

Hello here is my newest doll she has one of the prettiest faces I think I have ever made. I dressed her in a lovely cotton country dress just perfect for walking in the garden. She is like all of my dolls made like the authentic English wooden dolls. my exclusive enameled eyes hand sewn human hair wig turned torso hand carved lower arms and hands, hand carved legs that are mortise and tenon joined at the hips and knees. she has hand sewn shoes that match her blue silk petticoat leather soles. Hand cut trim made from her stomacher fabric with antique rose trim, keeping with the floral garden motif. her straw shepherdess hat also is adorned with flowers as these hat were in the 18th century. She has a wonderful presence and is as all my dolls are so much better in person. for any question please call me or go to the contact tab on the home page and e-mail? me. SOLD!



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