Lady Nora

Hello, After a long unavoidable absence I have made a new doll to begin 2014.  She is wearing a lovely gown of  18th century silk brocade tan and deep green. The stomacher and her petticoat are the same deep green silk satin.Her wonderful RED hair is not human hair as I usually do but because I wanted to make a doll with that red red hair I used mohair. I have also added a picture of her shoes made from the same silk satin with leather soles . the trim is the only modern thing added here but it was in scale and a perfect match to the simple but elegant dress. I have also added a picture f Lady Nora with one of my Chippendale side chairs it is made from curly maple wood and has a lovely  18th century piece of rose colored silk embroidered fabric for the seat cushion.  Please call for more information  regarding prices.


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