11.5 Inche Lady Allison

This is my latest doll she is wearing a beautiful open robe gown made from a splendid piece of 18th century striped silk, featuring the favorite gold color of the day and a lovely turquoise. Her petticoat is a turquoise quilted fabric . I have trimmed her gown with a very small  red trim which picks up the small red roses in the stomacher fabric yet another piece of silk which has the gold and a darker green color it really accents the gowns colors very well . she has shoes made from this fabric as well. This doll is made as the originals she has my signature hand fired enameled eyes. The original dolls also had enameled eyes . Her body is also made as the original dolls turned torso, carved hands, legs bending at the hips and knees.

for more information on this doll go to my contact tab and email me or you can call me.  THIS DOLL IS SOLD

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