Amber 13.75 inches tall

Amber gets her name from her unique amber colored eyes these eyes are transparent and opaque enameled eyes.  She is wearing a lovely dress made from 18th century block printed fabric, accented with red silk ribbon. So many time when I research 18th century prints for images for my black dolls I see them with beaded necklaces  or earrings, so I made her a necklace using my super rare 100+ year old micro beads 100 beads to the inch. I also braided her hair in cornrow hair style. I really like this doll as with all my black dolls so much better in person the dark skin tone does not show all there beauty in photos. she has red leather shoes and a cotton lawn bonnet her apron is also of this same fabric.

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  1. Theresa Merritt Says:

    Robin, Your dolls and furniture are superb. Your attention to detail is wonderful. I will also be a vendor at the National Doll Festival in New Orleans, and look forward very much to seeing your works in person and meeting you!

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