Lady Maureen 12 inches tall

12.5 inch English wooden style doll. wearing a gown made form a dress fragment from 1720. A lovely cream colored  silk damask with embroidered flowers so small they are in perfect scale to the doll, a thin turquoise strip accents the fabric.  When I received the fabric form the textile dealer in England  it was still gathered at the waste I feel it must have been for a childs dress as it was so small and the embroidery small as well. I used a turquoise silk  to design the rest of the dress. She has a turquoise petticoat and stomacher I had some silk ribbon that was dyed two tone gold and turquoise and was perfect for the bows and trim. her bonnet is made from of an embroidered lawn with lace trim . Her wig is hand sewn  red human hair, the body is made as the original English wooden dolls, hand turned torso mortise and tenon joinery hips and knees. But the real surprise here is her eye as with all my dolls I made my hand fired enameled eyes but Maureen has baby blue eyes with a black pupil these are glass on copper enameled eyes not molded glass. have a look and as always you can call or e- mail me for more information.

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