Lady Glen

This is Lady Glen she is spectacular. 12 inches tall she wears the most fabulous dress which I made from  a fragment of 18th century silk embroidered brocade this fabric is in the highly sought after gold color and is embroidered with delicate floral pattern of blue pink and red flowers and floral motifs in silver thread tarnished with age . I was able to get a full sleeve of this fabric and I can only imagine the beautiful dress from which it came. the Fabric was worn espically at the elbows and so I reinforced it for stability with a red lawn fabric.  the red seemed  a perfect choice and just made the gold color pop. I used red silk for the her petticoat and also for the rushing trim edging the dress. It seemed everything fell into place for this gown I had for a long time some wonderful embroidered trim with a gold metal chain edging on a fine lawn fabric in a paisley design. I am told it  was found in a castle in Scotland, it had all the same colors of the dress fabric,  so I used it for the sleeve ruffles and her stomacher. I made her wig of human hair and in a full up-do style although not over the top as  the hair was worn in the later part of the century. she has a perfect shape and scale her eyes are my hand fired enameled eyes she has a turned wooden torso and bends at the hips and knees as the original English woodens  did.  She is a very accurate representation of the original dolls. Please call or email me with any questions you have you can go to the contact tab on the home page of my website to do this.


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