This doll is so pretty. She has all the right stuff a lovely antique cotton dress which I made with an English cut back meaning this dress is all one piece made from an original pattern. I made her ruffles that trim her sleeves from the same fabric. the petticoat is made from cotton also and has a quilted pattern that was so fitting because often the petticoats of this period were quilted.  I made the cord trim around her stomacher and neck line, and also her sleeves. she has a hand sewn human hair wig her bonnet is made from a fine lawn and trimmed with a cord trim I made from the dress fabric. And under it all is a hand sewn hooped petticoat or as some call it a pannier. it has three hoops to maintained the 18th century dress shape. she has a lovely pair of matching shoes hand sewn with leather soles. she has my signature hand fired enameled eyes. A unique feature her arms are hinged to bend at the elbows making her so perfect to pose. she is featured in my ad in the Antiques Doll Collector Magazines December issue. I am very pleased with Pollyanna . I know she wont be here long.  SOLD!

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