Lady Shannon

14.5 inches tall this doll is stunning, a serene expression on her face and soft curls of auburn hair.  She is really lovely. Her open robe gown of 18th century silk in a mauve tone with a lighter stripe running through it, and the most beautifully done embroidery . Whats amazing is that it is in such good scale to the size of the doll.  She has complete under garments a sleeveless bodice and petticoat of linen, and a green silk  dress , her silk dress has an antique french embroidered tulle over it (FABULOUS!!) and 12 buttons that I covered in the same green silk. Her trim and sleeve ruffle are also made from the green silk of the dress. her shoes are really so wonderful approximately 1 inch long and so much detail I made them from the same green silk as the dress , not quite a mule but close they slip on with a low side they have a leather sole with a slight heal, all hand stitched, a lovely bow of silk ribbon with a fine gold thread running trough it. Because the robe fabric is so old it does have some small tears of wear but I lined it with the same green silk as the dress for stability. As with all my English wooden dolls, Lady Shannon has my hand fired enameled eyes a turned torso, and she bends at the hip and knees as the original antique Wooden dolls do. She has a lovely look and feel when held , I am very pleased with her.

This Doll and a fine Queen Anne Chair of mahogany Which I made to fit her exactly and match her dress. The doll and chair were donated to the recent Rose Percy Event At the Historic Phister Hotel in Milwaukee WI.  May 19th 2012 . For their Live Auction she was the first one up and I am pleased to say she went for a very good sum.  All Proceeds to be donated to the chosen charities of the event. Thank you Rose Percy and all your benefactors for the good work you do. I would also like to thank The Southeastern Doll Scholars UFDC doll club of which I am a new member for their support  of my work. I hope to learn a great deal from all the members as they have a vast and varied knowledge of the iconic figure known as the “DOLL” .

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