This doll is fully articulated carved completely from Ebony wood, with enameled eyes. The only paint I applied was to her cheeks, her lips and her red shoes.  She is wearing an Empire style  silk dress with a cotton gauze overdress. a petticoat of the same gauze. A turban made of the same silk and adorned with feathers as was typical of the period. (thank you “Snow” my white parakeet for the feather donation, it’s OK he was done with them)There is an incredible amount of work involved in making this type of doll . The antique dolls of this type are German and have been called bust line dolls. All of the moving parts carved to create the mechanical movements are intricate and precise. Ebony wood is extremely dense and hard, making it a carvers nightmare if you don’t have tools as sharp as a surgeons.  So constant sharpening is necessary . Needless to say this was a labor of love as well as time consuming taking the better part of the summer to complete. This doll has  a wonderful weight when held solid but not heavy. a charming sweet expression which is some time hard to show on my black dolls in a photograph. Of course she is better in person. if you have any questions please feel free to call me or go to the contact tab on the home page where you can send em an email. and as always feel free to leave a comment in the comment box at the bottom of this item.

This doll is not for sale


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  1. Teresa Higgs Says:

    wow! This doll left me breathless. So beautiful.
    If you should ever decide to part with her, please let me know. I collect black dolls and she would be treasured!

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