13.5 inch primitive wooden ” Molly”

Hello, well the response was so overwhelming on the first primitive I made that I made another for your consideration. She is also 13.5 inches tall.  ,  Her dress  is made very crudely (on purpose of course) as if made by child  just learning to sew. The corset attaches with the smallest buttons in the world made by my own two hands measuring only an 8th of an inch across.  her dress is like a homespun cotton her under garments are also cotton. Her bonnet is an imported batiste fabric with antique lace. she is charming right down to her shoes. She has been aged to look  her 200 + years.  She bends at the hips and knees.  A lovely Chippendale chair or maybe the country chair would be perfect for her .

Please go to the contact tab and email me with any questions or you can call me at 847 927-0319. if you just want to tell me your thought you can leave a comment below this post in the comment box. Thank you for visiting.  SOLD!


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  1. Joan Jacobsen Says:

    Hi Robin,
    I just saw your Molly doll and wondered if she is still available? She is so charming!
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Warmest regards,

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