13.5 inch Primative Wooden

This doll was taken from several examples of primitive so called bed post dolls.  Made by family members or a local craftsman, they have a wonderful naive charm that is irresistible . So I had to make some. this doll is wearing a corset and slip and a lovely lavender  batiste Empire style dress her bonnet is a cream batiste. She is the picture of spring with her small basket .  If she were the real thing she would date from around 1800 or so.  So simple but so much detail these dolls are a contradiction to the words simple or naive and, primitive, as their construction is not easily duplicated . This doll is perfectly aged to have the appearance of a 200+ year old doll and would be a great addition to any collection. Thanks for looking !  Don’t forget a chair as she does bend at the hips and knees.

For more information about this doll or a purchase price please contact me 847-927-0319 or email me at    robin@robinsminifurniture.com. I would be delighted to answer your questions


2 Comments to “13.5 inch Primative Wooden”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Your doll making skills are exquisite and your 13.5 primitive wooden is enchanting. Please could you tell me how much she would be to purchase.
    Many thanks, Daniel.

  2. Dixie Redmond Says:

    I know exactly which doll in The Heart of the Tree you were inspired by and you did a marvelous job.


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