11 inch William and Mary period doll

This little 10 inch Lady was a real project she has a fabulous corset made from a khaki colored silk , it is comprised of six panels all individually boned, and  the boning is decorated with antique gold thread which not only works to hold the boning in place but is also decorative the individual panels are then edged with edging of the same silk and the entire corset is lined with the same silk. this corset followed an actual 18th century pattern.  her petticoat is a quilted silk and she has an additional cotton petticoat under that. The corset was a lot of work . Her open robe dress made form a lovely antique silk that depending on the way the light hits it compliments the petticoat color as well as the corset color. as you can see in the picture she has a custom made William and Mary period chair the chair is included with the doll.   She can either be displayed on her stand next to the chair or actually sitting in her chair . After all why have a doll the can sit if she has nothing to sit on. This is quite a package.  If you have any question please call me or email me you can click on the CONTACT tab at the top of the page. If you would like to leave a comment you can do so in the comment box just under this listing. Thanks for your visit. SOLD!



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