Lady Merriweather

Happy new year!  This is the third of my 2011 dolls. She is wearing a beautiful dress made from  antique dark royal blue and chartreuse woven silk.  Her petticoat is made from some lovely antique embroidered tulle from France in a very light shade of chartreuse. The tulle has the same flower motif as the silk fabric of the dress. Under her petticoat is a slip made from cotton in the chartreuse color. I made all the trim from the same fabric as the dress, the gold bow around her neck is made from antique gold metallic thread that I crocheted in a single chain . the trim around her cuffs is also made from this thread and  crocheted in a double chain. I think this doll has a great presence her body shape is wonderful from all sides.

I hope you enjoyed viewing her. For more information please feel free to call me or email me. Go to the contact tab on the home page .    SOLD !

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