14 inch William Higgs style doll

This doll has a wonderful country girl look .  Her human hair wig was inspired from late 17th century hair style with it’s loose curl off to one side was take from a painting of Baroness Petersfield, Duchessed’Aubigny Mistress to Charles II King of England. I hand embroidered her stomacher with antique gold thread incorporated into the backround  it also was take form a late 17th century example. Her gown is made from a fabulous 18th century silk brocade which I book matched in the front. the under dress is a peach colored silk which offsets the rust background of the antique silk. I really like the look an proportions of this doll .  She bends at the hips and knees so a William and Mary chair would be a great accent to accompany her.

If you love her don’t pass her by, ask about our layaway plan.


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