8 inch Lady Penny

Hello. This is one of my newest dolls she is a wonderful 8 inch English Wooden with my hand fired enameled eyes that look right at you, one of the prettiest faces I have done to date. She is a mix of old and new.  The top of her dress is this absolutely fabulous 18th century Green silk. I just love this color but what to do for the skirt the green was cut out from a large striped patter on the 18th century fabric to large for this petite Lady Hmmmm……So I look into my fabric drawers and found this perfect small iridescent plaid with the same color green shimmering through it PERFECT! I also used some very old embroidered trim I had, it had all the colors of the dress in it. The trim, I am told was found in a Scottish castle. It has the tiniest embroidered flowers on a very fine lawn fabric with a gold chain edging. So I used a fine lawn trim at the top of her dress the embroidered trim for her stomacher as well.  I crocheted out of antique gold metallic thread a small chain to add around the top of her neckline and stomacher it all went together so great. She has green silk shoes as well. I hand stitched her human hair wig and I love how it flows so nicely. She is just lovely.



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