Lady M. 24 inch English wooden doll

Lady M is 24 inch tall . She is wearing the most fabulous dress, silk underskirt with rosette rushing. Her dress is made of beautiful silk damask fabric turquoise and light chocolate brown the photos don’t do this fabric justice it is absolutely one of the prettiest fabrics I have ever used.  I trimmed the dress in turquoise silk and some lovely antique turquoise buds with gold and green silk ribbon. I just  had to make her a straw hat with lace lining also trimmed in turquoise silk  ribbon and ruffle. She is wearing a pair of silver earring I made for her they have a transparent turquoise cabochon center . This Lady M is ready for the ball, dressed in her absolute finest. silk shoes round off the ensemble.

she is constructed as all of my dolls, like the originals bending at the hips and knees hand fired enameled eyes. She has a lovely surprise in that her head turns side to side . Hand stitched human hair wig and hand carved hands. I think she has the prettiest face out of all the dolls I have made her profile is as lovely as is the front view.

I hope you enjoy viewing her and please leave a comment in the comment box at the bottom of the listing.


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  1. r.kiel@alaska Says:

    Hi Robin, She’s wonderful. What is her price? Rose

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