16 inch Lady Payton

This doll is so lovely I have dressed her in the most fabulous 18th century woven silk brocade.  I love this fabric and was able to use the larger parts of the design for the skirt and the more delicate fine part of the design for the upper body of the dress so it is in perfect proportion to the doll. I have always love the color combination of green and pink, and after seeing it in used in a dress from the film Casanova I have been wanting to put the two colors together. Lady Payton has a pink silk underskirt with rosette rushing . I have trimmed her sleeves in the same pink silk as well as the ruffle around her neckline. she also has pink silk shoes. I had some very small pink trim and it seemed just perfect for this ensemble. there are delicate silk bows accenting her neckline and cuffs, and shoes. I also wanted to do something different with her hair also seen in prints and period film was this woven ribbon through the hair so Lady Payton has a pink silk ribbon woven through her hair. I think she has a lovely figure she is made as all my English wooden dolls with enameled eyes, and wooden torso, legs bending at the hip and knees.  I hope you enjoy looking at her as much as I enjoyed making.


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