Witch Esmeralda

Witch Esmeralda is a little tired she has the baggy eyes to prove it . It seems all her witchy antics have caught up with her for sure this year . But not to worry her favorite friend blackly the crow is always there to give her support. She is looking in her crystal ball to see who will bring her home this Halloween……will it be you!

She comes with a William and Mary style chair and a William and Mary pub table. She has a crysyal ball  and of course her friend Blackly who has a little perch. She is made just like all of my English wooden style dolls. A hand turned torso and legs that bend at the hips and knees. She has my exclusive enameled on copper eyes that are the same as the original dolls had. Her dress is fabulous with a really fun holy acid green and black look perfect for a witchy witch. She has matching little shoes as well. Esmeralda has a real sense of style wearing her hat to the side she has a great attitude.


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