Lady Irene

This is another one of my William Higgs style dolls she is 9 inches tall so a very small Higgs doll. I am especially pleased with her she has a very authentic look ,very old looking. This is due to the 18th century Fabric I used as well as very old trims. Her dress is made from 18th century striped silk. This silk has some worn spots which you will be able to see in the photos I love this about it .This is exactly what you would expect to see if you had an original doll the old fabric would be showing sings of age and wear.I line the skirt with a tuquoise silk for stability.   The trim as well is very old. the sleeves on the dress have the wide opening at the end with some very fine batiste fabric I styled the sleeve from examples I found in old painting of Lady’s in the late 1600’s around 16 77 0r so. Her hair as well was styled after the Lady’s in these paintings, with the small side curls around the face. I love the red color of her hair as the Ladies of the period seem to favor this color. She is a very sturdy doll able to stand alone but I have made her a stand for added support and to be safe.


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