William Higgs style doll Lady Grace

Hello This is my newest doll she is made in the style of an early wooden circa 1680’s . Dolls of this type were made by Master Doll Maker William Higgs of the same period 1680’s and later in England.  This doll has a unique feature in that her head turns left and right, this was rare in the originals and even rarer in reproductions . Her dress is made in a beautiful 18th century silk brocade of the highest quality. it is a lovely floral design that I have book matched . very bright vivid colors . her under skirt is a wonderful dupioni silk in a turquoise color that pick up the turquoise color of the silk brocade fabric. It is trimmed on the bottom with a shear embroidered antique  trim. She wears a matching cap trimmed in the turquoise silk . her hair is in a period style. This doll was a joy to make . I hope you can see that by by her lovely face .The body is authentically made as well and true to the original look. Hand carve and painted. To leave a comment click on the reply box below. Thank you



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3 Comments to “William Higgs style doll Lady Grace”

  1. Jenny Says:

    This doll is absolutely amazing. She is the very best reproduction I have ever seen! There is no comparison to any of the other Higgs dolls.

  2. robin Says:

    Thank you so very much for your comment on my work she is one of my very best dolls and I am very pleased with her as well. Your comment means so very much I hope you will visit my site often.

  3. Annette Says:

    Absolutely beautiful. No one can come close to your work Robin, and I hope you find the person that is selling your one doll as an antique.

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