Late 18th Century Lady Elisabeth

Here is my latest reproduction of an English style wooden doll. Her Name is Lady Elizabeth

She has the authentic turned torso with jointed legs that bend at the hips and knees. She has hand carved fork type hands, with very delicate individual fingers and thumb.I hand carve my dolls in the same manner and method as the originals.

She has hand fired enameled eyes !! yes that’s right! A unique feature of my dolls. I have been an enamelist for over twenty years and have perfected the technique for making these museum quality enameled eyes. This is a key element to giving my dolls their wonderful “presence”, and authentic look.

Her dress : She wears a sack back dress in a vintage stripped silk of light gold and brown. I lined the dress in gold silk. The front of the dress is trimmed in the most wonderful hand made antique trim of cream and light pink roses. Her cuffs are decorated with a gathered strip of the same fabric as the dress, and end in a decorative pinwheel finished with antique net lace ruffles. her antique lace collar end in a very fine very old batiste bow. down the front of the dress is a row of small buttons of fine glass beads. Of course our lady must have jewelry so I made her a lovely necklace of very rare micro beads in a pearl white I made the tiniest of silver pendants with an amber drop of translucent glass. These beads are so small and not even made any more, they are 100 years old. Her hair is a period style with the rolled curls and fine ringlets on each side. Subtly decorated with a brown bow. She wears lovely brown silk shoes to match.


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