Lady Mary 17 inch English Wooden

This Is Lady Mary she is 17 inches tall. Lady Mary is wearing a lovely open robe dress made from antique silk brocade with gold thread. her under dress is an antique skirt of a lovely silk taffeta, in a wonderful purple color . The trim is Antique trim from a castle in Scotland a shear fabric embroidered with the smallest floral design and edged with a metallic chain very delicate, and the inspiration for her name Lady Mary. She wears matching shoes. I made her a lovely necklace made of  gold colored beads and a silver bow leafed in gold, holding a  pink transparent enamel broach.

Her construction is as the originals. A turned torso and hand carved hand and limbs she bends at the hip and knees, the true authentic English wooden body. She  has my signature enameled eyes giving her the unique presence that is only achieved with enameled eyes .


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  1. Elina Camuzo Says:

    Dear Robin: I received the doll this morning just before we left for a doctors visit. I just unwrapped her and left. Now I came back, and, I am thrilled. She looks like the real thing, her dress is fantastic, her eyes, above all are awesome. She looks very regal standing up, now I do not know if I want her seating down( I put the chair next to her )I’m excited, and happy ( looking for the right place to display her, I want her to be prominent but not receive a lot of light because the beautiful dress will fade) Thanks again, it was a pleasure dealing with you, As ever, Elina

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