Tiny Doll and Doll room

Here is my latest reproduction of an English style wooden doll. WOW!! she is only 2.5 inches tall and come with her own amazing period doll room complete with furniture and accessories!!

She has the authentic turned torso with jointed legs that bend at the hips and knees. She has hand carved fork type hands, with very delicate individual fingers and thumb.I hand carve my dolls in the same manner and method as the originals.

She has hand fired enameled eyes !! yes that’s right! A unique feature of my dolls. I have been an enamelist for over twenty years and have perfected the technique for making these museum quality enameled eyes. This is a key element to giving my dolls their wonderful “presence”, and authentic look. This doll is especially amazing because her enameled eyes are probably the tiniest in existence.

Her dress : She wears a court dress in antique 18th century silk fabric. there are a few wear spots to the fabric due to it’s age but it is overall in excelent condition. Her cuffs and stomacher are decorated with coral 18th century fabric as well and antique net lace ruffles.Of course our lady must have jewelry so I made her a lovely necklace of very rare micro beads.These beads are so small and not even made any more, they are 100 years old. she has red painted shoes.

THE ROOM: Well I have to say my eyes need a rest after making this very tiny room it measures 6 inches x 6 inches wide and stands only 5 inches tall. I made every thing in the room excluding the rug. The room is taken from an example of a 1775 Virginia Parlor. It has a very impressive mantel with Pilasters on either side decorated with crown moldings . the windows are 12 panes and have paneled shutters I have painted a lovely garden sene outside the windows to complete the look. the furniture feature a Chippendale Settee with upholstered seat in a gold and brown striped silk. the side chair is a George the lll also upholstered in silk but this time it is gold and tan. I made a pedestal table which has two hand carved wine glasses and a decanter these are carved from a very hard plastic and finished to a clear finish giving them the look of glass. I have made two different candles for the room one on the table is a silver cancel holder with a handel and the other is also carved from the plastic to look like glass and sits on the mantel. I have put a can of cola by the room to give you an idea of scale.

 $ 950.00

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