11 inch English Wooden style doll Lady Rose

Here is my latest reproduction of an English style wooden doll. Her Name is Lady Rose.
She has the authentic turned torso with jointed legs that bend at the hips and knees. 
She has hand carved fork type hands, with very delicate individual fingers and thumb.
I hand carve my dolls in the same manner and method as the originals. 
Her dress : The Name Lady Rose is very fitting. She wears a court dress in a period 
pattern of climbing roses. there are a few wear spots to the fabric due to it's age but 
it is overall in excelent condition. I lined the dress in coral silk. 
The front of the dress is detailed in coral silk as well, and trimmed in the most 
wonderful hand made antique trim of what else!.. silk roses. Her cuffs are decorated 
with coral micro beads and three tired antique net lace ruffles. She wears 
a full corset (see pictures) with embroidered roses down the center .I quilted her under 
skirt  of the same fabric as her dress. Of course our lady must have jewelry so I made
 her a lovely necklace and earrings, of very rare micro beads in a 
perfect matching coral. These beads are so small and not even made any more, they 
are 100 years old.  She is complete down to her feet with tan colored leather shoes 
featuring brass buckles and coral silk bow.


2 Comments to “11 inch English Wooden style doll Lady Rose”

  1. Elina Camuzo Says:

    I like Lady Rose very much. Please let me know what is the process to order one and what do you require as a deposit, also how long it takes.

  2. Sue Rincon Says:

    I love your work! Please send me approx price of your 11 inch dolls that are English reproduction(such as Queen Anne etc) Thanks,SUE

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